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Dry Flower

Perfect Preservation of
Real Flowers

Malaivel Herbal Pharma Private Limited

We supply all dried decorative flowers originating from India. We provide all materials in their natural colors. Additional charges may apply if coloration is required.
With naturally dried and preserved flowers, you can create a new kind of floristry for up to a year. By providing contemporary bouquets, we assist you in bringing the outdoors into your home and elevating your mood.


Malaivel Herbal Pharma Private Limited

Amara Nut

Amirtha Leaves

Atta Fruit

Babu La Cut


Baby wood rose

Bakuli Pod

Balis Grass

Big Bulton

Banana Stem Cut

Birch Pine

Bora Flower

Brided Palm leaf

Brided Corn Stalk

Camel Fruit

Cane Spring Mini

Cane Cone Mini

Cardamom Husk

Casurina Pod

Cedar Rose

Cauveri Grass

Chakkara Pod

Cherry Leaves

Coco Fruit

Coco Flower

Coco Petal

Coco Stemp Cut

Corn Grass

Coco Top cut

Corn Slice

Cotton Chips

Cox comb

Cotton Pods

Curly Pod

Dry Tree

Ear Cone

Fish Pod

Globe White

Flying Pod

Fibre coco

Indian Bell cup

Kowri Fruit

Green Grass

Kora Grass

Lemon Grass

Meri Gold

Krishna Leaves

Lolly Pod

Nithi Leaves Cut

Packia Petal

Mike Petal

Nithi Leaves Full

Palm Slice Cut

Palm With Stemp

Pal Possa

Palm Spare Mini

Paper Arjun

Read Grass

Rice Grass

Pine Cone

Red Grass

Screw Pod

Sesame Husk

Ring Pod

Sea Grass

Smalley Leaves

Sona Seed

Sim Grass

Sona Grass

Sponge Mushroom

Star Grass

Spider Grass

Star Flower

Step Fruit Cut

Toul coil

Swart Cut

Twisted leaf Cut

Velvet Flower

Virali Flower

Velvet Pod

Wind Mill Pod

Zim Zim Pod